Kayla Jenkins

Miss Junior Rodeo Idaho 2012

Hello Rodeo Fans!!! My name is Kayla Jenkins. On July 19, 2011, I was crowned the 2012 Miss Junior Rodeo Idaho. I graciously achieved the coveted awards of Horsemanship, Speech, Appearance and Photogenics. I am the 13 year old daughter of Scott and Angie Jenkins. I live in Emmett and attend Eagle Middle School as an 8th grader, maintaining a 3.6 GPA.

Through my love of horses and people I have been drawn to the sport of Rodeo. As a 4-H member of the TNT 4-H Horse Club in Gem County for the past 3 years, I have learned that through dedication and perseverance, one can achieve anything. I have earned several awards because of my hard work during my 4-H career, because of my determination and help from my parents and friends; I have become a stronger horsewoman. I am now learning to rope and barrel race. I placed in the open barrel racing at the Gem/Boise County Fair and Rodeo, my first event as the new Miss Junior Rodeo Idaho 2012. I plan to keep learning, riding and growing into a strong young woman and sharing my knowledge with as many as possible.

During my rodeo career, I look forward to meeting people from all walks of life and giving back to my community. I am very grateful to have been able to work with the Meridian Lions and Elmore County/Daniel Dopps Memorial Rodeos to give sight and Christmas gifts to kids less fortunate than myself and many others and to put a priceless smile on their faces. I have also had the opportunity to visit with senior citizens through my dad’s retirement facility. There is nothing like spending quality time with the people who appreciate it most. Throughout my reign I will be taking the opportunity to visit the children’s wings at different hospitals and assisted living centers around the state as I travel. I have seen that just being there makes a difference in these people’s lives. Before the end of my eligible years as a rodeo queen, and before I begin the rest of my life with college, a career, and some day a family, I aspire to achieve the Miss Teen Rodeo Idaho and Miss Rodeo Idaho titles so I can continue my dedicated service to my community and wonderful state. At some point during my college career attending Boise State University, I would also love the opportunity to be the next Bronco Girl! I mean, who doesn’t love Football and Horses!!!

Without the love and support of my wonderful family I would not be where I am today. I would like to thank my mom first and foremost for providing me with wonderful horses to carry me through all of my events and being such wonderful animals to love; my mom and grandma for the countless hours of sewing and preparation, decorating my horses for parades and rodeos and just for putting up with me; Pat for helping me wash my horses, hauling me from practice to practice and town to town; and my dad for always supporting me and my dreams, even if he isn’t a cowboy himself. Thank you to my beautiful Tabiono paint gelding “Flash” for carrying me in all the grand entries buzzing and packing flags and all the wonderful parades and to my Palamino Quarter Horse mare “Chrome” for being such an awesome reining horse and being what I need to challenge me and prove my horsemanship skills. Last but not least, thank you to the Elmore County Fair Board and the Daniel Dopps Memorial Rodeo Board and my previous Royalty Director Shannon Jones for sponsoring me to the 2012 Miss Junior Rodeo Idaho Pageant and believing in me. A special bit of gratitude goes to Dave and Ramona Dopps for allowing me to represent your rodeo and your son’s name at the most prestigious rodeo in our state.

Thank you to all that support our western heritage and continue to rodeo as a hobby or even a career. To all of the youth in our state, country, and world; never give up on your dreams. I sure haven’t. Everything you want requires having goals and the will to follow them with hard work. If you reach for the stars long enough you will achieve your dreams. Finally, PLEASE, make sure to follow my year packed full of excitement and adventure on my Facebook page “Miss Junior Rodeo Idaho 2012”.

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